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First Post: Why Do I Try So Hard to Travel


This is my first post on my first travel blog. I am so excited since I haven’t started any blogs in years. I used to have a blog with all the sad stories I made. Something like a sad unimportant diary. This blog was about my crush, my thoughts about my own family (I used to hate them) and also about how boring was my life. But this is my first time writing about my travel journey. This is why I have decided to travel the world.


Yeah, a lot of people think their life is boring. They don’t like their jobs. They don’t like their kids, siblings, friends, coworkers, and other things in life. They don’t even like themselves! And this happened to me too, that time.

The job I have is all about online media. My job is writing 7 articles per day. That time, when I just joined the company, I hated all things I needed to do. I hated to write about millennials. I hated to write about how to be a successful millennial. And my boss was right, no one would believe all shit I wrote as I am no one. Not even a successful kid.

So I proposed 5 days off to my boss and ran away to the Philippines, last October. It was my first time went backpacking alone. Yes, alone. I was so excited. But going abroad by yourself wasn’t easy. I lost half of my savings. Yes, I needed to save some of my payments. I had to live on a very tight budget to allow myself go to another country.

I was so stressed! I have booked all the flights and accommodation, which aren’t refundable. If I called off the plan, Rp 2 million that I have blown for the tickets and hostels would be gone for nothing. I would never be able to go abroad and even do anything at home. I tried to think and finally, my close friend lent me some money. I promised him to pay back next month on my payday.

Then, finally, I flew to Manila, Philippines! I had a lot of fun and faced some problems too. As I was going alone on a tight budget, I had a lot of problems. But that trip, that amazing trip made me really tougher than before.

It’s not only because I successfully solved the problems, but also met very nice people. Jens, a very warm guy from somewhere in Europe, Ron and his family who hosted me while I was in Cebu for 5 days. I met Matt in Manila who showed me around the old city which looks similar to Kota Tua, in Jakarta. There are a lot of things that I cannot forget.

And this trip isn’t my first and the last one. This is just a beginning. I will post all my trip stories 2-3 times a week. I hope you will like all my stories and tips for going abroad as a solo backpacker. See you in the next post!

P.S. I am now trying to travel South East Asia. It needs time to visit every country but, I think it is possible if I work so hard. So I doubled or even tripled my efforts to keep traveling. I help my friends doing their business with the affiliates program. So, even if I won’t get much money buy this program, I hope you want to take a look this tour company. So you can also travel around Asia, not also as a tourist but also a traveler. I am also planning my trip to Vietnam. So please wait for my next adventure. While waiting, why don’t you click the banner below? Please help me if you still want to enjoy my travel stories.

And also, you can always help the locals whenever you travel to. Especially the disadvantaged children. You can help them by teaching at some local schools, or charity. I have found another option for you. You can volunteer or find an NGO in your country to help them reach more people who are willing to volunteer. If you’re interested, just click the banner below and register!


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