About Me


Maybe you’ve been asking on your mind, who’s this small, curly, brown-skinned girl jumping around ASEAN. Well, I am not a usual backpacker or traveler (if you think I am). I am not that pro just like those full-time travelers who really know where to go and what to do. I am just a girl who really loves traveling.

As I have a job in my hometown, Jakarta, Indonesia, I have a lot of boundaries traveling around and also writing a travel blog. My time is only 24 hours, with a bunch of work at the office plus a part time job as a Bahasa Indonesia teacher for foreigners. Yes, life is hard. But I need to be strong enough to face this world and of course, to fund my travel.

So, what I do

I live in this never-sleep city of Jakarta. The heart of Indonesia, where some people visit for working and just for relaxing. Trying hard to keep up on my journey and my mission, which is to travel and learn the cultures and values from people around the world.

I don’t have much to offer. I don’t have a lot of experiences. But I will never stop telling you my journey. The sweet and bitter, tears and laughter of my traveling experiences.

Oh, I have been featured in Travelicious.World. You maybe want to read it here.