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About OiMeira

OiMeira was born when this girl started her first solo trip to Manila in October 2016. Since then, she writes about her travel experiences, of course, because she’s kinda broke and doesn’t have much money, everything she writes is about cheap things. From cheap hostel, food, transportation.

The aim is to help other travelers to spend money as little as possible. But they still can enjoy the paradise they’re living. Because someone says, money doesn’t stop you to travel. Or does it?

Who’s OiMeira?

She’s just a brown-skinned girl who was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. She had never taken any English class before she realiezed how important this international languange is. She didn’t do very well at school because she just didn’t like it. Well, who did?

School wasn’t so fun for her so she tried to find another thing that got her more interested; books. One day, when she was still in University, studying Journalism, a book caught her eyes. The book that was written by Agustinus Wibowo had brought her from Tibet to Pakistan. This has inspired her to travel the world.

She’s based in Jakarta, Indonesia, but planning to move to Perth, Australia. OiMeira isn’t her real name but you can call her Meira or just simply Oi.